Our Story

Dilly Dally Provisions (DDP) was founded by Jordan Queen in 2020. However, the journey of DDP began long before...


Jordan with Grandma - Appalachian Mountains

Jordan & Grandma - Appalachian Mountains

Jordan has always had a love for food preservation that stems back to his roots of growing up in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Jordan attributes his passion for food and food preservation to his grandmother, Agnes, affectionately known to her grandkids as “nanaw”. He would spend countless summers at his grandparents where he learned the value of hard work and self sustainability. He recounts the immense pride she took in her garden where she grew nearly all of her own food. At the end of each summer’s bounty she would allow nothing to go to waste. Anything that did not make it to the weekly dinner table would be preserved, pickled, or canned for the winter months ahead.

This made quite the impression on a young Jordan which eventually led to his path into the restaurant industry. After high school, he attended culinary school in Asheville, North Carolina and since then has been working in restaurants in every possible capacity for the past 20+ years.

He started tinkering with recipes in early 2019 but it wasn’t until 2020, when the world came to a screeching halt and he was furloughed from his current restaurant job.  Jordan realized that this was a unique opportunity to turn his hobby into a legitimate business.  Very soon after,  Dilly Dally Provisions was born.

Jordan is supported by his amazing wife Carin and their beautiful daughter Dove "Agnes" Queen.